Happy Horse Yoke

The Happy Horse Yoke provides a unique way for horse and rider to connect in a way that is gentle and effective and leads to a happier relationship between equestrian and equine.

Perfect for…

  • PSmoother aids so both horse and rider can focus on the positioning and form that allows for the most effective riding.
  • PBetter form and collection, empowering the hindquarters and allowing the horse to jump higher, turn faster, or slide farther, with better focus.
  • PImproved communication and less frustration encourage a horse to listen to and work with their rider.

Is the Happy Horse Yoke for You?

“The Happy Horse Yoke is a fantastic product! We feel that it is a great training tool to use on horses of any age. It is a particularly helpful aid on young horses, teaching them to be less reliant on contact with the bit. We highly recommend adding this product to any training program.”

The Petersen Family, Derek, Jared and Jordan

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