How it Works

Happy Horse Yoke

Aluminum shoulder pressure points

Aluminum rein guides

Nylon yoke

Aluminum chest pressure point

How it works

The Happy Horse Yoke was designed to make horses happier and easier to ride.

Insert the rein through the rings on each side of the yoke and connect them on top like you would normally do.

The pressure points on the yoke connect with the horse’s body and trigger them to respond, without contact to the mouth.

The yoke creates a three-point system between the horse’s mouth, the reins, the yoke, and the rider’s hands. For example, when turning, rather than pulling the horse’s head to the chest, it guides the horse to see when they’re going.

Ready to Try it Yourself?

Purchase your own Happy Horse Yoke and enjoy the benefits of improved performance, smoother communication, more power, and enhanced quality of movement from your horse.

Benefits of the Happy Horse Yoke

Improve Performance

The Yoke encourages proper form and collection, empowering the hindquarters and allowing the horse to jump higher, turn faster, or slide farther, with better focus.

Smoother Communication

Improved communication and less frustration help a horse have more try and feel more success. A happier horse is a horse who works with his rider and listens better.

Develop Movement

Experience more power and enhanced quality of movement from your horse as he properly lifts his forehand and engages his hindquarters.

“The Yoke teaches our horses to listen quicker and more efficient to our aids. Plus, it helps us, as riders, to use our aids more evenly to create a happier connection with our horses. In conclusion, the Yoke has become a great tool for our everyday training will our horses.”

Anna Christina Gansäuer

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